Thursday, October 14, 2010


Greetings to all:)

Just a quick update and some terrific news!  Recent purchases by Sheri Ellis of Washington state and Guinivere Norrington, a Navy wife stationed in Italy has added $56 to the tally.  Mugsy's previous owners, in an apparent change of heart, has just managed to cough up the other half of the money needed for the operation and so with 4 days to spare (and pending paypal's acceptance of recent funds) we have raised a grand total of $721!  I'll be placing a call tomorrow to the vet to set up the appointment and get this little guy all fixed up and healthy:)  

As promised, any funds leftover from the surgery will be donated to the Coastal Humane Society here in Maine. Right now that looks to be $21 so if you wish to donate more feel free.  Now if Mugsy's owners will take full responsibility and pay for the entire procedure the amount donated will go as high as $321!  I'll keep you posted on developments as well as Mugsy's condition once he comes out of surgery.

For now, many thanks to all of you who have been so generous and supportive during this time.  We have been overwhelmed by your kindness and are truly thankful.

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