Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's it all about?

Greetings and welcome!

About a month ago a family member whose living situation had changed temporarily placed into our care an 8 year old Shih Tzu named Mugsy. We received this little guy in a disgusting and dirty condition and discovered he hadn't seen a vet in 7 years so we told his owner we would cover the cost of updating his shots, heartworm etc. but any pre-existing conditions the vet found would have to be covered by them. Upon examination the vet tells us he has several sebaceous cysts which if left for too much longer could rupture and possibly become cancerous. Many of Mugsy's teeth, the ones that hadn't fallen out, were rotted and would have to be removed and both conditions were due to improper diet, grooming and negligence. The estimated cost of the operation is $700 upfront, no payments.

My husband is active duty enlisted military while I, after being unemployed the last few years, only recently started a new job so we just don't have this kind of money lying around. In fact, it's for this reason our other two shelter dogs have insurance. Unfortunately, pet insurance works pretty much like people insurance and they won't cover pre-existing conditions meaning Mugsy won't be covered until after the operation. After making multiple attempts to contact the family member over the past few weeks I recently discovered from another family member that Mugsy's owner "has other priorities."

So as his owner has relinquished all responsibility and underhandedly abandoned him to us, we're trying desperately to raise the money for his operation on our own as quickly as possible. I have an Etsy shop where I make and sell faux food soy candles called Culinarychiq Concepts and from now until October 18th (when we hoped to have the procedure) all proceeds from any candles bought in this shop will go towards the operation.

If you're interested in making a donation instead of a purchase I will have a donate button linked directly to my paypal account shortly. I will be updating this blog as funds come in and let you know as soon as we reach our goal. Please note that any money not used for the operation will be donated to the Coastal Humane Society in Maine.

Mugsy is a sweet little guy who likes to test the canine hierarchy in this house with my two younger but much larger smooth collie mix females often with humiliating results;) He loves to nibble on his nylabone, toss his tennis ball at his sisters, lounge in patches of sunlight on the floor, guard the house via the window sill next to the couch and snuggle. We are working to reverse the bad habits and health issues he's picked up from life with his previous owner and make the next 4-6 years (hopefully) on this planet a healthy and happy time.

So please spread the word and many thanks in advance for your generosity!


  1. Hello there! I'll be sending my donation on Monday!

  2. Pssst!! If you have a 125x125 badge i'll add ya to my sidebar. Let's get this little guy some attention.

  3. Thanks Leslie, I'll work on the badge... as soon as I figure out how to do it;)

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